$15 per day or $70 per month (unlimited use)

Lessons and Training are available to non-boarding clients who pay the Trailer-In Fee to cover use of facilities. 

  • Basic Grooming: $210

Basic care of your horse when you cannot be there, hand walks or turn-outs, tack cleaning, use of Rossi Equestrian cross-ties and tack-room feeding supplements (supplements provided by owner), water buckets, if needed, and blanketing.

  •  Grooming per day: $20

Tacking and untacking of your horse. Necessary if you want a Trainer Ride and will not be there to tack your horse. 

Full Program:  $750

The comprehensive option for horses in training, it includes full care of your horse with basic grooming, plus tacking and maintaining your horse show-ready. Training includes up to 6 days a week of either a trainer ride or lesson per day. Clients in the full program will also receive discounted rates on trailer and trainer show fees. 

Our Program

Our mission is to offer excellent training and care for you and your horse. The Rossi Equestrian Training Program is for riders who own, lease or are looking to buy/lease a horse and are interested in advancing their riding skills to the next level. Your horse will receive excellent training and you will develop your riding skills, usually during one-on-one sessions with Nicolas. Our services are designed with flexibility in mind so you can choose what best suits your needs. 

Grooming and Care Programs 


Lessons Programs

  • Single Lesson or Trainer Ride: $55      ​

  • Welcome Package: $250       ( 6 lessons to be used at a minimum of once per week.)

Monthly Packages:

  • One lesson per week: $200 (4 lessons per month)
  • Two lessons per week: $350 (8 lessons per month)
  • Three lessons per week: $490 (12 lessons per month)
  • Four lessons per week: $600 (16 lessons per month)