Ximena Da Silva Tavares Rossi, Ph.D.

Ximena’s whole family is into cars so, naturally, she loves horses. She starting riding at a very young age and showing when she was eight. Ximena has represented her country, Uruguay, in several international competitions up to 1.20m. Her other passion in life is science and she moved to the U.S. in 2004 to pursue a better education. Ximena’s academic journey led her to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Caltech (California Institute of Technology) in 2015. At Caltech, Ximena studied the brain receptors associated with nicotine addiction. She has found that her background in biochemistry and medicine translates very well into the field of equine nutrition. While in graduate school, Ximena managed the feed program for the Grand-Prix barn, Team McAllister. In addition, she has taught beginner and intermediate riding lessons at San Pascual Stables. Her personal riding goal is to show in the 1.30m Jumper division.  

​Nicolas L. Rossi

Nicolas was born into a horse-loving family in Uruguay. He inherited a passion for horses from his father, Jorge Rossi, a retired army captain and renowned Uruguayan Grand-Prix rider. Nicolas represented Uruguay internationally in both showjumping and eventing. In addition to his competitive career, Nicolas also took an interest in coaching and training and began working at his father’s riding school in Uruguay as a teenager. In 2004, he decided to move to the US to pursue his dream of representing Uruguay in the Olympics and to further develop his horsemanship skills and riding career.  In 2009 he completed the FEI Level 1 Coaching Course and started working for the Martin-McAllister barn. Working with Steve McAllister and top Grand-Prix rider Jenni Martin-McAllister has given Nicolas a unique perspective in both teaching and riding. He then accepted a position as Assistant Trainer at Sterckx Stables with David Sterckx where he became familiar with the European coaching system. Next, he worked with his friend and mentor, international Grand-Prix rider Santiago Rickard. In 2015, Nicolas decided to open his own training business, Rossi Equestrian, aiming to produce smart, independent riders who can be successful at every level of riding. Nicolas envisions Rossi Equestrian as a place where horses and riders can fulfill their highest potential.

Nicolas’ Training Philosophy:

“I believe in flat work as the basis for good jumping. Almost every problem that I see in the ring can be fixed on the flat. Good training and riding requires great communication not only between horse and rider but also between rider and trainer. My teaching method consists of establishing an order for the information required to do the task at hand such as jumping a fence or doing lateral work. Many riders already have all the information they need and I just help them put it all together and establish an order.”